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Top 5 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Your Desert Home

Living in the desert means you'll have to stay more focused on certain cleaning habits than you would when living away from the desert. Although the desert is a wonderful place to live, you will need to keep your desert home free of dust, mud, and a few desert creatures as well.

Desert-style homes are beautiful and stunning, but if not cleaned on regular basis, they can become dirty quickly. At times, it might even seem impossible to keep the desert on the outside of your home. Each time the door opens and someone walks in or out, dirt and dust seem to find their way in.

In this guide below, you'll discover the top five cleaning mistakes to avoid when cleaning your Tucson home. Continue reading below to ensure you're not making the cleaning process harder than it has to be.

Here's everything you need to know!

1. Cleaning From the Ground Up

When you start to clean your home, what's the first thing you do? You should have a cleaning list that you follow each time you clean to ensure nothing's missed. Do you begin by cleaning the windows, sweeping the floor, dusting the blinds, or something else?

Although the first specific cleaning task might not make a huge difference, what will make a difference is if you clean from the ground up. This is a mistake you want to avoid because it can cause you more work than you started out with.

No matter which tasks you want to tackle first, just make sure you're cleaning from the top of your home to the bottom. For example, dust the fans and ceilings before dusting the bookshelves and counters. Do all of these tasks before sweeping the floor.

If you do this in the opposite order, you're cleaning a surface only to have the possibility of dusting falling on it once you clean a surface above it. Keep in mind that your desert home has lots of dust and dirt that found its way in from your yard. Always start from the top and make your way down and remove all of it.

2. Using the Same Cleaning Rag

Do you have a specific cleaning rag that you like to use when cleaning your entire house? Maybe it's worn into the perfect texture, making it the ideal cleaning material. It works well on all surfaces in your home so you use it to clean everything.

If you want to use the same cleaning rag for all your cleaning tasks because it does a good job, then you're able to do so as long as you're not cleaning everything on the same day and you wash the rag in between cleaning days. If you're using the same rag to clean multiple surfaces in your home on the same day, then you're spreading the germs and dirt.

It's best to have multiple cleaning rags and use a different rag on each surface. This way, you're not collecting dust and dirt from your TV stand and then smearing it on your dresser.

Microfiber cloths are a great option for cleaning your entire home. They work well to clean and dry a variety of surfaces, so be sure to have more than one. Do keep in mind, however, you don't want to use bleach when washing your microfiber cloths as it can cause them to be less effective.

3. Dusting With a Non-Grabbing Duster

Another cleaning mistake you'll want to avoid is dusting with a duster that doesn't hold onto the dust. Because these dusters don't pick up and hold the dust, you'll only be spreading the dust to another surface or location. Instead, you should dust all surfaces using a duster that grabs the dust and holds onto it.

If using a non-grabbing duster, then be sure to remove all dust that falls to the ground or a lower surface.

Another great tip is to use your vacuum for dusting a variety of surfaces in the home. Place one the attachments on the vacuum's hose and use it to vacuum dust off of your drapes, furniture, ceilings, and other places as well.

4. Vacuuming With a Dirty Vacuum

It's easy to forget that the things we use to clean the home with need cleaning as well.

Vacuuming with a dirty vacuum can spread the dirt and dust rather than suck it into the vacuum itself. Some vacuums will tell you when it's time to empty it.

Others won't, but it's best not to let it become too full before dumping. If you let the dirt and dust build up in the vacuum for too long, it can have a negative effect on how the vacuum functions.

For the best results, you should empty your vacuum after each use and remove any hairs wrapped around the rotating brush as well.

5. Avoiding Deep-Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning the top surfaces of a home is a lot of work, especially when your home is located in the Tucson area. Unfortunately, only cleaning the top surfaces of the home won't get your home as clean as it should be. Avoiding deep-cleaning tasks is a mistake you don't want to make.

If you avoid scrubbing below the toilets, cleaning the baseboards, removing grime from the showers, and getting all those other stubborn or hard-to-reach areas, then you're only creating more work for yourself in the long run. Allowing deep-cleaning tasks to go without being addressed means they'll become even harder to clean.

You'll also want to ensure you have all the right cleaning products and tools to complete these deep-cleaning tasks to the best of your abilities.

Get Your Desert Home Clean Today

Have you been making any of these cleaning mistakes in your desert home? If so, don't feel ashamed. These are common mistakes that homeowners make when cleaning.

Now that you know to avoid them, your home can become the cleanest it's ever been!

If you're still in need of some help, then that's where the professionals come into play. Contact Home Happy Cleaning Service today to receive a cleaning quote for your Tucson home!

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