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How Often Should a House Be Cleaned (and Deep Cleaned)?

A messy home can take negative toll and your mental health.

Clutter or dirty surroundings can impact your ability to sleep, focus, and cope with anxiety. Not only can a messy home impact our mental health, but our physical health as well! Breathing in dust mites or mildew can cause allergic reactions for some people.

So, how often should a house be cleaned (and deep cleaned) to avoid negative health effects?

Keep reading to learn more!

How Often Should a House Be Clean, and How Often Should A House Be Deep Cleaned?

This is a matter of personal preference for many people, however, most people choose to deep clean their house every 2 to 4 weeks.

Some people like their homes to be virtually spotless, so they'll have a cleaning service in once a week (our Perfect Maintenance Cleans are great for this preference), or even multiple times per week. Others just want a thorough weekly house cleaning. Some people even call in a cleaning service once per month for a top-to-bottom cleaning! At HomeHappy Cleaning Services, we complete a first-time deep cleaning, and our goal is keep your home looking great with our Perfect Maintenance Cleans.

What you decide when it comes to deep cleaning (versus maintenance cleaning) the house is going to depend on how many people live with you, how messy your house gets, and how clean you like it. You can have your home cleaned as often as you'd like.

Most people choose to have their house cleaned biweekly, as they feel that's when it's in need of a deep cleaning again. If you live by yourself or with another partner but you're both clean, you could probably choose to use monthly cleaning services.

Deciding When the Best Time for Cleaning Is

As you start talking with a cleaning service to have your house cleaned, you'll want to take inventory of your home, family, and living situation.

Factor in the age of your kids if you have them. Are they at the age where they are still spilling things often? Are they still in diapers? Younger children are more prone to messes than older children for the most part. So, if you have young kids in the house, you'll want to have the home cleaned a little more often.

Next, think about your pets. If you don't have them, that makes this step a little easier. A house without pets will generally stay cleaner than its counterpart. If you do have pets, think about their level of messiness. Do they shed a lot? If so, you may find it best to have the carpets vacuumed weekly.

Is continence a problem with your pet? Older pets as well as young animals may have a more difficult time controlling their bladder and bowels. If they're frequently having accidents in the house, you may want to have the carpets cleaned often.

Lastly, how large is your family? If you have a fairly large family, it can be hard to keep up with the messes everyone is making. Since more people are using the bathroom, spilling, cooking, and coming in and out of the house in shoes, debris around the home is going to accumulate much faster.

How Much Does a Cleaning Service Cost?

The cost of cleaning services will depend heavily on how often you have someone come in to take care of your home.

Most cleaners will provide discounts or bundle deals if you have them come in more frequently. Also, some cleaners will charge by the hour while some will charge depending on the size of the house. Most cleaners charge between $20-30 per hour, while others will charge between $70-150 for one visit.

Many cleaners will let you personalize your plan depending on what rooms you use the most. For example, if you don't use your basement very much, you can choose to have that cleaned once per month. The higher-traffic areas can be done more often if you choose.

The general rule of thumb is that the cost of cleaning services will depend on how much work your home needs as well as how often you need that work done. Talk with potential cleaners to see if you can find a way to fit the service into your budget while getting the home as clean as you prefer it!

What Does “Deep Clean” Mean?

When we say "deep clean," that term can be a little confusing.

For some people, deep cleaning is when you pick up clutter and do other types of cleaning such as vacuuming or dusting. For others, a deep clean is a top-to-bottom clean for every nook and cranny of the house.

To a professional cleaner, a deep clean will typically consist of:

· A dusting of the entire house (furniture, corners, baseboards)

· Beds made and sheets changed

· Vacuuming or sweeping the whole house

· Removing cobwebs

· Cleaning the kitchen appliances, backsplash, and sink

· Scrubbing plumbing elements such as sinks, tubs and toilets in all bathrooms

· Cleaning the windows and doors

· Emptying all wastebaskets

· Cleaning the tracks of doors and windows

And potentially much more! If you want additional services or you don't need all the services your cleaner is willing to provide, that's something that you can talk with them about.

Professional cleaners are typically flexible when it comes to offering you service that fits both your needs and your budget.

Upkeep Between Cleanings

If you're paying for a professional cleaning service, there are still maintenance tasks that should be taken care of between cleanings.

If you want to have a clean home, there are tasks that should be done daily. To avoid bacteria growing on dishes, it's best to clean them daily. Also, laundry is something that should be done daily or every other day.

Lastly, picking up clutter around the house will help you avoid a huge mess that will need to be cleaned all at once.

Are You Ready to Get Professional Help?

When our lives get too busy one of the first things we neglect is the cleaning around the house.

We may not see it as essential or as something we can put off. In reality, a clean home is important to the health of you and your family!

If you're interested in cleaning services in the Tucson area, check out our Tucson cleaning services today!

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