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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: What You Need to Clean Your Bathroom

We all know the bathroom can get a little gunked up over time. Did you know that some of the germs that lurk on your bathroom surfaces can actually harm your health?

There's no avoiding using your home's bathroom, so it's important to keep it clean.

However, cleaning a bathroom is no easy task! That's why home cleaning services come equipped with all sorts of supplies and protective gear.

Read on for our complete bathroom cleaning checklist and ensure that your bathroom is free from harmful germs!

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: Supplies

First, let's talk about the supplies you'll need to get the job done.

Start with some basic protective gear. At the very least, you'll want to wear gloves to keep harmful chemicals away from your hands (and, since we tend to touch our faces a lot, your face). If you have sensitive eyes or respiratory sensitivity, you may want to grab a pair of goggles and a mask, as well.

Now let's look at the equipment you'll need for a thorough clean. Grab a long-handled duster, a toilet brush, a bucket and mop, and a broom or vacuum. You'll also need microfiber cloths, sponges, or paper towels.

For this checklist, we'll focus on chemical cleaners you can find at most stores. You're going to want toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting spray or wipes, glass cleaner, and floor cleaner. Remember to always follow the instructions on chemical-based cleaners and avoid mixing different products with different bases.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: What to Clean and How

Once you've gathered your supplies, you can follow along with our step-by-step list. This will ensure that your bathroom is sparklingly clean! 

The Shower and Tub

Use your disinfectant spray to clean the shower and tub. Start with the upper walls and make your way down, scrubbing the disinfectant with your cloth, sponge, or paper towel in circular motions. Some cleaners work best if left to sit for a few moments so make sure you read the instructions.

If your shower walls or floor are made of tiles, pay special attention to the grout. Grout is a porous substance that may start to grow mold over time. Unlike soap scum, mold has a tendency to cling to surfaces and make more vigorous scrubbing.

Don't forget the shower door or shower curtain! Shower curtains tend to accumulate germs in the folds, especially if your bathroom doesn't have good airflow. If the shower curtain appears moldy or shows a thick layer of soap scum, consider replacing it with a new one.

The Sink Area

Because we brush our hair and perform other grooming activities over the sink, you may notice a buildup of stray hairs in this area. Try not to wash these hairs down the drain! Instead, use the disinfectant spray and paper towels to scoop them away from the sink so you can throw them in the garbage.

As you disinfect your sink, focus on areas you touch frequently, like the taps. After wiping this area down with disinfectant, it should be shiny and free of debris.

Don't forget the mirror and the toothbrush holder!

Spray a small amount of glass cleaner directly onto a cloth or paper towel. Wipe down your sink in a circular motion. Make sure to dry the mirror in the process or you'll end up with streaks.

Did you know that your toothbrush holder is actually the germiest spot in your bathroom? Move your toothbrushes to a safe, clean spot and disinfect that entire area. If your toothbrush holder is removable and dishwasher safe, consider running it in the dishwasher every few weeks.

The Toilet

Pour your toilet bowl cleaner around the inner rim of the bowl where water flows in each time you flush. This allows the cleaner to attack the unsightly mineral buildup while dripping down to disinfect the rest of the bowl. Allow the toilet bowl cleaner to sit while you clean the rest of the toilet.

Using disinfectant, start at the lid of the toilet tank and work your way down. We suggest using washable or disposable equipment as this part of your bathroom may be particularly dirty. Make sure you clean both sides of the toilet seat lid, the toilet seat itself, and the area beneath it.

Use your toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet, focusing your attention on problem areas. When the toilet bowl appears clean, flush away the remaining toilet bowl cleaner or allow it until next use.

The Air Vents

Break out your long-handled duster and get dusting! We may not pay our air vents much mind, especially if they are well over our heads.

However, it is a good idea to periodically free them of dust. This helps to reduce the amount of dust that gets caught in your filters and air ducts, which can increase the flow of warm or cool air throughout the year!

The Floor

First, move your bathroom mat and sweep or vacuum up any loose debris. Then, give your bathroom mat a quick swipe with the vacuum. If you can, you may want to run it through the washing machine!

Next, mix your floor cleaner with the suggested amount of water and mop your floors thoroughly. Make sure the mop isn't drenched with cleaner or the mop's fibers won't be able to pick up the dirt and grime. Circular motions are best when it comes to mopping!

Make sure to clean your bathroom floor last so that you can leave the room afterward and give it time to dry.

Skip the Checklist and Hire a Cleaner

If our bathroom cleaning checklist is making you say, "No, thank you," why not hire a professional cleaner?

HomeHappy Cleaning Services are available to residents all over Tuscon, Arizona. Let us know how many rooms need cleaning and how frequently and we'll start you off with a price estimate!


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