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6 Tips on Finding a Cleaning Service for Homes in Deserts

You chose the desert life for its nearly endless sunshine and healing heat. The near-absence of mosquitoes is an added benefit! What you didn’t sign up for is the dust.

Living in a desert climate poses several unique challenges for people who love a clean home.

Between the dust, the critters, and Arizona’s monsoon season, you wonder whether clean is even an attainable goal.

We promise you, it is!

With the right cleaning service, your desert home can look and feel sparkling clean, and comfortable. In today’s post, we’re talking about how to find a cleaning service that understands the needs of desert dwellers.

Please take a minute and read our six tips on finding a service to clean your home in the desert.

1. Fighting the Battle of Desert Dust

In the desert, there’s no shortage of dust. It creeps into your home through any crack or crevice it can find. Once inside, it accumulates on furniture, mirrors, and anything made of glass, not to mention window sills and baseboards.

It’s a never-ending battle, but with the help of your cleaning service, you can win!

The best way to keep dust under control is to hire a service that offers all-over cleaning. While vacuuming and dusting are part of all-over cleaning, you want a service that goes beyond removing the dust you can see.

Ask if they will dust baseboards, moldings, and window sills. Blinds, ceiling fans, and light fixtures should also get a good dusting at regular intervals. Don’t forget about the top of the fridge!

2. Get Specific About Services

Finding a house cleaning service isn’t difficult as long as you’re clear about your needs vs. what they offer. Many services provide a range of solutions and will tailor things according to the size of your home and your cleaning goals.

Biweekly visits may suffice most of the year, but during monsoon season, when the mud runs wild, you might want to schedule weekly visits.

There’s a difference between basic service and a deep clean. Most people don’t need a deep clean unless it’s the first time you’ve used a service.

For larger projects like basement and garage cleaning, house cleaning professionals usually bill them as one-time or optional services.

3. Make Sure Your Cleaning Professional Likes Bugs

Fans of Charlotte A. Cavatica may not agree, but you don’t want spiders as houseguests. You also don’t want scorpions or snakes. All are common house pests in the desert.

Here are others to watch out for:


While a variety of spiders will set up housekeeping in Arizona desert homes, some can cause serious harm, including:

Let’s not leave out scorpions!


The Arizona bark scorpion is a regular visitor to desert homes. You may find them bunking in cabinets, behind bookshelves, and in basements.

Partnering with your cleaning service is the best way to keep spiders and scorpions from hanging out inside your home. Make sure you discuss how often your house cleaner will dust and vacuum, as this is the best way you can be proactive about keeping them out.

As far as snakes go, most desert snakes won’t just pop in for a look around your home.

Thorough cleaning keeps your home free of what snakes like to eat—insects and rodents.

4. Interview Prospective House Cleaners

We get it—you wanted your house clean yesterday, but don’t be in such a hurry you fail to interview before you hire.

The interview is the right time to get a feel for how well you and the cleaning service interact. After all, you’re inviting someone you don't yet know into your space. Even more essential is clarifying your expectations and theirs.

For example, most services bring house cleaning equipment and supplies to the job. If you have specific cleaning products you prefer, this is the time to discuss.

Don’t be shy to ask about the cost of cleaning services. You likely have a budget and need to know beforehand how much each level of service costs.

Finally, check references and reviews. If you can, call references and find out how satisfied they are with their cleaning services. Also, just about every business has an online presence these days making it easier than ever to read what previous clients have to say.

The interview is an excellent time to chat about how they tackle the various challenges of cleaning homes in the desert, especially the mess that comes along with monsoon season.

5. Your Cleaning Service and Monsoon Season

If you’re new to the Tucson area, you may feel prepared for monsoon season, which runs from mid-June through September 30th. Despite the wind and heavy rains, you can still keep a clean home during Arizona’s rainy season.

You may need to increase the frequency of your cleaning services to keep up with the muddy floors and the extra dust and grime.

While the volume of dirt may increase, it’s nothing a competent service can’t handle!

6. House Cleaner or Housekeeper?

When you're thinking about your cleaning needs, it's a great time to know the difference between two services that often get confused. Even though some people use the titles interchangeably, there is a difference between a housekeeper and a house cleaner.

House cleaners will work hard to dust, scrub, vacuum, and polish. What they don't usually do is laundry, including ironing and putting away the clean clothes. A house cleaning service usually doesn't pick up toys or tend to pets.

Housekeepers typically manage the daily organization of your home.

If it's a clean home you want, free from the dust of the desert, you'll enjoy the many benefits of using a professional house cleaning service.

Time to Schedule Your House Cleaning Services

Whether it’s the extra dirt during monsoon season or the routine desert dust, you need a cleaning service you can count on to care for the cleaning challenges associated with living in the desert.

Our team of cleaning professionals brings the expertise needed to manage any cleaning job.

Contact us today so that we can assess your needs and put together the services that work for you.

We’re happy to provide a quote and will get back to you within 24 hours!

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